Secure cloud services for the scientific community

What is the Bionimbus PDC?

The Bionimbus Protected Data Cloud (PDC) is a secure biomedical cloud operated at FISMA moderate as IaaS with an NIH Trusted Partner status for analyzing and sharing protected datasets. The Bionimbus PDC is a collaboration between the University of Chicago Center for Data Intensive Science (CDIS) and the Open Commons Consortium (OCC). The Bionimbus PDC allows users authorized by NIH to compute over human genomic data in a secure compliant fashion.

How can I get involved?

  • Apply for an Bionimbus PDC account and use the Bionimbus PDC to manage, analyze and share your data.
  • Partner with us and add your own racks to the Bionimbus PDC (we will manage them for you).
  • Help us develop the open source Bionimbus PDC software stack.
You can contact us at

How do I get started?

First, apply for an account. Once your account is approved, you can login to the console and get started. Support questions can be directed to

For questions related to NIH Trusted Partner Status please contact

Apply for the PDC Now Login to the PDC Console